Free from Canadian media criticism, Jagmeet Singh is a dual-loyalty politician.

by Brad Salzberg


October 8, 2022

“In a development on the issue of the Khalistan Referendum voting in Canada, the country’s National Democratic Party (NDP) threw its weight behind the polling, calling it the basic human right of Canadian Sikhs enshrined in local and international laws.”

What a strange, strange country we have in post-modern Canada. Jagmeet Singh, leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party, spend his time working not for our country, but rather for Sikhs in India.

“The NDP leader’s statement is important because the party is an ally of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government.”

Which party, Mr. Singh? PM Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, or the Khalistani Revolutionary Party in India? Then again, with a quisling like Trudeau at the helm, both parties are likely to have the same political goals.

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