Unbeknownst to Canadians, our prime minister is working an agenda of social and political transformation against the will of the public.

by Brad Salzberg


October 7, 2022

“Relatives of those killed when Iran’s military shot down Flight PS752 in January 2020 say Canada has become a safe haven for regime officials.”

So say Iranian family members of the deceased. As opposed to those PM Justin Trudeau and his woke back-up political quarterback NDP leader Jagmeet Singh brand “white supremacists.”

In truth, all Canadians should by now know that PM Trudeau is transitioning Canada to a post-modern 3rd World society. Most do not– for good reason. Canadian media are being paid to sublimate our country’s transition to everything Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum want it to be.

This Trudeau character is a devious fellow. It would be one thing if the Feds came out and laid it on the line: Islam is the future of Canada, and “Old Stock” Canucks best get used to it.

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