by Brad Salzberg


October 4, 2022

Over the past half-century, far too little attention has been paid to a profound transformation in Canadian society. Obscured by mainstream media, Canada’s social trajectory remains poorly understood.

A certain type of citizen can recognize the transition. Canadian-born citizens retain an ability to see the so-called “progressive” patterns for what they are. New arrivals generally lack the perspective necessary to understand how non-immigrants feel about these topics. It’s one reason why PM Justin Trudeau prefers 3rd World citizens over our “Old Stock” communities.

Citizens old enough to recall the Expo 1967 celebration in Montreal get the picture. In retrospect, we see what a pivotal moment this was.

Two nation-changing events occurred at this time. Pierre Trudeau took over from Lester B. Pearson as Liberal prime minister. Secondly, criterion for immigration to Canada shifted to a “points-based” system. In 1971 came another critical change. With no buy-in from the people of Canada, Pierre Trudeau cancelled our bi-cultural English-French identity, and replaced it with Multiculturalism.

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