by Jon Rappoport

No More Fake News

October 3, 2022

Dear Reader,

Starting in January of 2020, I entered the tunnel of COVID reporting.

For the last 2 years, I wrote articles on every aspect of the massive scientific and medical fraud. About 500 articles in all.

I also covered the political and yes, conspiratorial spokes of the COVID operation.

Now, looking back, I’ve decided to pick out the most important pieces (there are many) and republish them.

Because it’s vital to understand and remember what actually happened. (And is still happening.) And it’s very useful to preserve an historical record. The true history, not the official version.

At the beginning of each article I post, you’ll see the original date of publication. I’m doing this series chronologically, coming up through time from January 2020.

I haven’t changed the wording in the articles. You’ll read them as I wrote them. Therefore, you may see assumptions or conclusions or evidence I update or refine or expand later in time.

In some pieces, I’m responding to events of the day or current pronouncements of officials or recently published studies.

In other articles, I’m backing up from current events and relying on my experience investigating HIV, AIDS, and other so-called epidemics. I’m swooping down on the primary lies and fake foundations of virology, Rockefeller medicine, diagnostic testing, and the use of medical cover stories to conceal major ongoing crimes.

I’m taking apart and revealing the bones of different sizes of scandals.

I’m operating, during the whole series, from two points of view, which I make clear a number of times: There is what we know starting from the correct conclusion that the virus, SARS-CoV-2, doesn’t exist. Then there is what we would know, even if we assumed the virus does exist—since within that world of scientific fantasy, the scientists and officials and plotters running the show are stumbling over their feet time and time again, contradicting themselves, running into brick walls and pretending they aren’t, lying, forcing useless and hugely destructive restrictions on the population.

I made the decision to operate in both worlds, because I wanted to expose the crimes and the fabrications from as many angles as possible. After all, the COVID coup plotters (yes, it was a coup) wrought a number of horrendous changes in life and in civilization. So, you could say, I recorded and explained the crimes in several dimensions.

Finally, there will be moments, in reading this chronological series of pieces, when I destroy a favorite and popular lie, and questions pop up in the mind. “Well, if THAT isn’t true, then how do you explain THIS?”

I’ll eventually explain. If not in that article, then in a later piece.

For those of you who read these pieces when I wrote them, made acute comments, emailed me important data, ordered My Matrix Collections, and are now subscribing to my substack, I thank you for your support.

For those of you reading this series for the first time…have at it.

Reality is stranger than we know, until we know it.

— Jon Rappoport

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