The Canadian Federal Government & Health Agencies are LIABLE for
Endangering the Canadian People with Criminal Intent.
Odessa at interviews Canadian Whistle-Blower & HVAC
Engineering Technologist, Dale Richardson, regarding his experience with
the Saskatchewan Government & RCMP regarding his investigation &
challenge on air quality engineering control measures the Federal
Government and Public Health Agencies omitted to take during the
COVID-19 pandemic, thus leading to criminal intent to bring harm upon
the Canadian public.
When he stood up to the courts and submitted his evidence en masse(over
600k pages of documents), he was swarmed by RCMP as he was about to
enter the court room, dragged off to a police car, thrown into a mental
ward and drugged as a means of silencing his dissent for challenging the
Government’s Public Health Agency.
Skipping the engineering controls for air quality allowed the Government
of Canada to use UNSCIENTIFIC MANDATES, lay false claims of
pathogen-free environments(which could have aided in the spread of the
virus), and to further push the vaccine agenda.  THIS is why NO
Engineers have spoken about this matter publicly.
To contact Dale:
[email protected]