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The Freedom Convoy lives again! 


October 3, 2022 

See for yourself what happened in Ottawa from January 29 to February 20, 2022. gives you access to more than 400 hours of live footage in a single interactive  webpage. Go to a specific point in time, click from hour to hour, or jump to a random event to see  what all the noise was about. Watch interviews with truckers, listen to speeches, and enjoy the  dance parties through the eyes of the people who were there. shows a map of downtown Ottawa. Livestreamers appear on the map as pointers  that move around. Users can move forward and backward through time to see who was filming, and  images below show what was being filmed at the time (including a link to the original video). 

This collaboration of fifteen livestreamers (and growing!) from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram is the definitive source for information on the Ottawa protest. We use metadata and secondary  footage to validate the videos, tracking the videographers’ progress through the streets of Ottawa minute by minute. The project has been submitted as evidence for the Public Order Emergency  Commission and has been used to find video evidence in support of legal actions.  

BREAKING: Open Call for Footage 

Were you in Ottawa during the Freedom Convoy protests? Did you film or livestream the activities?  360Press is looking for more footage to add to the growing historical record. We can link to your  existing videos on social media or host the videos on your behalf. To get involved email  [email protected]

About Us 

360Press is not associated with any organization (governmental or otherwise). With a focus on  Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Citizen Journalism, we strive to preserve a historical record of  events that are shaping the political landscape of the western world. 


All inquiries can be directed to Jen at [email protected]. Interviews available on request.