by Will Jones

The Daily Sceptic

October 3, 2022

Dr. William Makis, a doctor in Canada, has written to the Presidents of the Canadian Medical Association to draw their attention to what appears to be an extraordinarily high death rate among doctors in Canada, 32 of whom died “suddenly and unexpectedly” in the past 16 months.

Dr. Makis points out that all of them were double, triple or quadruple COVID‐19 vaccinated, and argues each death is “highly suspicious for COVID‐19 vaccine injury, as these previously healthy doctors died suddenly while engaging in regular physical activity, died unexpectedly in their sleep, suffered heart attacks, strokes, unusual accidents, or developed sudden onset aggressive cancers”.

Steve Kirsch reports that Dr. Makis has received no response to his letter sent four weeks ago.

Read More and View Images of deceased Canadian Doctors HERE



  1. Why?

    Because the agenda to dupe as many people globally to these NON vaccine vaccines is more important. It’s 2 years of non vaccine vaccines BRAINWASHING! Doctors and nurses dying or suffering from the jabs is the price these sick and evil jerks are wiling to pay in trying to keep BILLIONS of people on the drip of what looks like to be pushed as annual or more often ‘victrolla’ JABS! The governments paying out of OUR COLLECTIVE TAX DOLLARS and massive borrowing to help push these jabs is too lucrative right now for the corrupted big Pharma.

    Ask yourselves even you JAB LOVERS! If you had to pay out of pocket even say $30.00-$50.00 or so for each POKE of these non vaccine vaccines, how many of you would still be quick to get jabbed up in a shot that DOES NOT EVEN FRIGGING WORK AS ADVERTISED!?!

    But going in and getting jabbed at your government’s expense is A OK WITH YOU ALL! But the government has no money. All governments get money via confiscation (taxes) and more so now with WRECKLESS BORROWING! This is really why inflation is skyrocketing. But too many of us, I guess JUST DON’T GET IT!

    We fuel the problems of government over spending and over reach of powers and control.

  2. Who cares about the doctors? Apparently they were stupid enough to believe the government propaganda b.s. and willingly injected themselves with an unproven “experimental vaccine” for treatment of a non-fatal illness ie: the flu.

    These were the same medical people who failed to stand up to protect their patients simply by deliberately coercing and injecting their patients with the toxic and unproven “experimental” vaccines without any knowledge about the ramifications of doing that. Further, they deliberately failed to treat their patients with known to be safe and effective products and procedures.

    The phony “covid pandemic” started in Canada in mid-March of 2020. WITHIN 6 WEEKS (by the beginning of May 2020) several countries in other parts of the world had conducted forensic autopsies and realized the medical treatment protocols being enforced and used by various world wide governments (including Canada) were WRONG and were actually designed to kill people.

    As a result of having conducted these forensic autopsies Italy, Pakistan and India had actually published and disseminated medical treatment protocols that were effective in treating this so called “covid flu” outbreak by using inexpensive and already approved for human consumption medical prescription medications. How come our own various so called “Chief Medical Officers” didn’t know about this information? Or, did they know and chose instead to follow the directions of their political “masters” for their own self-serving reasons.

    Instead of feeling “sorry” for the doctors who have died because of their self-induced stupidity, what about examining the political reasons behind the wanton and deliberate killing of thousands of our Canadian citizens with a government created, induced and supported phony “covid pandemic”.