by Keean Bexte

September 29, 200

Manitoba is joining Saskatchewan and Alberta’s fight against Trudeau’s Gun Grab
The rebellion against Trudeau’s tyranny continues to grow.

Just yesterday, Saskatchewan announced it would be joining Alberta’s fight against Trudeau’s gun grab.

Now today, Manitoba has announced it is also joining the fight, saying that the buyback program will target lawful owners and have little impact on criminals.

We know that there is wide popular sentiment in the country to oppose this useless and hurtful policy.

The next step is to get Ontario and potentially some of the Maritime provinces on board. There are hundreds of thousands of gun owners in these provinces, and Trudeau would take away ALL of their firearms if he could.

Fill out our petition here to help get more Premiers on board with opposing this ridiculous overreach.

Keep fighting for what is right,

Keean Bexte

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