by Brad Salzberg


September 28, 2022

According to a Sept. 27, 2022 poll from Angus Reid, 49% of respondents believe the word “arrogant” best describes Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 45% said they believed that Trudeau was “dishonest,” while 39% said he was “corrupt.”

By any standards, these numbers indicate a virulent lack of trust among Canadians regarding ruling PM Justin Trudeau.

He’s still in power, of course. Cultural Action Party can’t help but pose a salient question: who is it that actually wants Trudeau to be the leader of our country? It’s with no small degree of irony that we respond with the following: non-Canadians with vested interest in controlling the fate of a dying democracy.

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  1. “By any standards, these numbers indicate a virulent lack of trust among Canadians regarding ruling PM Justin Trudeau.”
    Brad its wording like this that makes this self serving treasonous pusher think he is a ruler,…he is only a public servant. and a terrible one at that!