by Brad Salzberg


September 21, 2002

“For Canadians baffled over wokeism and our rapid embrace of it under [Justin]Trudeau, its origins in Marxism are the salient key to understanding.”

Throughout CAP’s coverage of Trudeau’s iron-clad rule over Canadian society, it’s the first time we have witnessed the Liberal-Communism association in direct terms. Naturally, it took media outside of Canada to bring the point to the people.

“On a trip to Moscow in 1952, Trudeau’s father, Pierre, who would later become Canada’s prime minister, remarked that he was a communist, and was in Moscow to criticize the United States and praise the Soviet Union.”

Can a common sense Canadian imagine for one minute that such exposure would appear in the pages of the Canadian press? If so, they must be day-dreaming.

Communism has been described as the leading ideological cause of death globally between 1900-2000, with 94 million deaths attributed to China, the Soviet Union, North Korea, Afghanistan and Eastern Europe. The Trudeau lychee doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

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