Josh Sigurdson talks with Yohan Tengra of Anarchy For Freedom India regarding a massive lawsuit which Yohan is involved in alongside the parents of doctor who died after being poisoned by the Astra Zeneca jab.
The case supported by the High Court of India focuses on Bill Gates, the Serum Institute of India and the Indian government which are all complicit in coercion, false information on the vaccine’s safety and illegal enforcement of mandates.
Yohan Tengra was part of the petition in Mumbai to get this case seen and it is going to court in November. This follows many successes on the part of a group of activists and lawyers in India regarding the vaccine mandates, masks and illegal requirements.

In this video, we talk with Mr. Tengra about the details of this story, the future of India and the Great Reset’s next big step… Climate lockdowns.

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