by Rhonda Wilson 

The Expose’

September 17, 2022

On Tuesday, two Canadian doctors, Dr. Chris Shoemaker and Dr. Mark Trozzi, had a candid discussion about the dangers of Covid injections, the war on Canada’s doctors, the World Health Organisation’s (“WHO’s”) role in the Covid plandemic, reasons Canada is experiencing a doctor shortage, the right of informed refusal and what “vaccine” recipients can do to mitigate the billions of toxic spike proteins that have been injected into them.

In October 2021, Dr. Mark Trozzi is one of two Ontario doctors who were barred from issuing medical exemptions for Covid injections, masking requirements and testing by the province’s medical regulator.  The other doctor was Dr. Rochagne Kilian.

Not only were they barred from giving medical exemptions, but the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario said the doctors also had to post signs regarding these restrictions in their offices and during virtual visits with patients.

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