by Keean Bexte

September 15, 2022

A school in Ontario has sent a non-anonymous survey to students asking about their sexual orientation

The Upper Grand District School Board in Guelph, Ontario, sent a survey to all students in the school district asking Grade 7 students and older to reveal their sexual orientation in a non-anonymized census.

The school board claims the information is required from the Ministry of Education to achieve “equity, diversity, and inclusion” goals.

This is absolutely disgusting and filthy. Young children should not be asked to divulge their sexual interests to adults. It is not just creepy, it is a violation of their basic dignity.

We need your help. The School Board is about to have students fill out this “census” and we need to gather as many signatures on our petition as possible to put a stop to this.

Sign our petition to tell the Upper Grand District School Board to STOP asking kids about their sexual preferences.

The woke agenda appears to know no limits.
Keep fighting for what is right,

Keean Bexte

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