• Fox News’s Tucker Carlson called out the New York Times, saying they lied about a best-selling book from last week.
  • According to Carlson, the Times had claimed that a book by actress Jannette McCurdy called I’m Glad My Mom Died was the top best-selling book.
  • But, according to Carlson, the book The Great Reset by Alex Jones, an exposé on the dangers of globalism, was the real best-selling book of the week and took a large lead over McCurdy’s book. “Alex Jones had the biggest book in the country,” said Carlson. “But The New York Times lied about that because The New York Times doesn’t want you to know that.”
  • The Fox anchor said McCurdy’s book sold 34,686 copies, while Jones sold more than 56,000 copies of “The Great Reset,” a book that takes a highly critical look at the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its plan to destabilize the current economic system worldwide.
  • “This is about organized fraud,” Jones said during his live Sunday show. “Because imagine if it’s a nationalist or populist book that is popular and goes to the top five or ten or number one, and they block it, well that’s what they’re going to do with ratings. It came out that Nielsen will give higher ratings to CNN or MSNBC than they actually have. Or they’ll cheat in an election and give more votes to the establishment candidate than the other. What it is is fraud. They’re willing to put their finger on the scale.”

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