by Brad Salzberg


September 11, 2022

They did it to Stephen Harper, Andrew Scheer and Erin O’Toole. While it might be a stretch to conclude that Canadian media defeated these former Conservative Party leaders, it isn’t a far cry from the truth.

Media strategy has been obvious since the day CBC and the rest hung the racist albatross around the neck of the Conservatives. The year was 2015. The issue was the Niqab.

“The case started with a lawsuit from Zunera Ishaq, a devout Muslim who moved to Ontario from Pakistan in 2008 to join her husband. Ishaq agreed to remove her niqab for an official before writing and passing her citizenship test two years ago, but she objects to unveiling in public at the oath-taking ceremony.”

It was all CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star needed to pin the racism tail on the Conservative donkey. Media were off to the races– quite clearly, the CPC are a party of racist bigots.

The fact that Zunera Ishaq wanted to circumvent 150 years of Canadian tradition was irrelevant. Ours is a progressive country, rendering ungrateful migrants fodder for a post-modern label to be pinned on the Conservative Party. Add to this media’s branding of CPC leaders as anti-abortion, and the “Con-as-racist narrative” was up and running.

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  1. Mr. Poilievre is a bigger challenge than O’Toole or Sheer. He’s more savvy, likeable, an excellent communicator & most dangerously funny. Anyone considering voting for PPC needs to think what’s more important – their libertarian ideals or getting free of the dope.

    • PP is pushing Agenda 2030 narratives.
      PP was on the WEF website in 2021.
      He was scrubbed from the site in time for his leadership run.
      His campaign manager is on the WEF website.

      If your plan is to replace one Klaus Schwab puppet with another, you will deserve everything you get.

      Note: In BC, Horgan and Falcon are both WEF.