by Brad Salzberg


September 10, 2022

If democracy in Canada be a valued institution, our nation cannot afford to have another Trudeau-family member as prime minister.

At this stage of the game, no one can predict whether a child of Justin & Sophie Trudeau will one day run for political office. Seeing as we now live in the era of Charter breaches in the name of China’s Covid dissemination, CAP call for one of our own:

It should become law that no member of the Trudeau family of Quebec is permitted to hold political office in Canada. We admit that our desire leans toward the implausible.

Yet, if Canada knew what was good for it,  all Trudeau family members would be banned from public office.

Good thing the brother of our PM Alexandre Trudeau has stayed clear of politics. If not, Canada would have two pro-communists influencing our political order.  Canadian media cover up filial reality:

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