by Brad Salzberg


September 7, 2022

Within authoritarian societies, government pursuit of control of its citizenship is top priority. Most Canadians understand how a country like China epitomizes this political dynamic.

In Canada, not so much. Despite obvious factors such as the pandemic’s dissemination from China in early 2020, those who marginally follow our political landscape are having trouble making a connection.

Since the advent of Covid, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been using the virus to move Canada toward a condition of neo-communism. Because this structure involves government control of a nation’s media, the truth can be difficult to discern.

As published by True North News, Justin Trudeau recently stated that  “Covid’s not done with us yet,” urging Canadians to get boosted every six months to avoid restrictions, lockdowns and mandates in the winter.

He said 80 to 90% of Canadians need to be “up to date” with their vaccinations for this to happen.

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