by Brad Salzberg


September 6, 2022

It isn’t like a Trudeau family member hasn’t done it before.  Without standards of democracy such as public consultation or approval, former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau transferred Canadian identity away from its existing foundation.

It all began in 1971. Less than a year after meeting with China’s Chairman Mao Tse Tung, Pierre Trudeau transitioned our nation to a Multicultural society.

Fifty years later, we experience the result as Canadians of European heritage are corralled into a social doghouse as racists and xenophobes. Then came Justin Trudeau to further reduce our social status.

Not content with damage done, Trudeau Jr. set to work to permanently invert Canada’s social order. Prancing around promoting his vacuous “Diversity Is Our Strength” mantra, the reality of our PM’s venture was something altogether different.

With the help of multicultural not-for-profit organizations, the Liberals began their inversion of society. The irony is palpable– feigning desire for community equality, Trudeau established a post-modern social hierarchy.

To do so, he enlisted the Liberal government’s finest ethno-centrics. Within a half-decade, Justin Trudeau has elevated 3rd World Canadians to the top of our social totem pole.

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