Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news of the Iranian government blaming the Israeli government and the United Arab Emirates for weather modification causing droughts and floods elsewhere.
This isn’t the first time that Iran has accused these two countries of doing this, but it is also extremely likely.
The United Nations openly worked with the Spanish government in March and April 2020 to spray the skies to “combat covid” which of course is absurd and likely lead to auto immune issues with the metals they were spraying.
All the same, there are multiple weather modification acts in the United States and throughout the world. These detail manipulating clouds, cloud seeding, spraying and more in order to move rain from one place to another while causing droughts in the places that lose the water as precipitation equals out over the earth one way or another.
This weather manipulation has clearly lead to countless weather events in recent days and it’s helping destroy the supply chain all the while. Tied with the tyranny of the state and the energy crisis, it’s the perfect storm.
In this video, we break down this clear and present danger.

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  1. I met a young lady whose brother lives in Calgary and flies planes. He seeds clouds in Calgary and then travels to Saudi Arabia znd seeds clouds there or from there for 3 months every year.
    This obviously is not a tall tale