Dear Friends,
On August 29th, 2022 the Supreme Court of British Columbia ruled on the Defendants’ motion to strike the action brought by Action4Canada and the ten other Plaintiffs.
The Defendants had requested that the claim be DISMISSED without leave (permission) to amend it because they felt it was frivolous, an abuse of process, and demonstrated no cause of action.
The Court REJECTED the Defendants’ request to dismiss.
The Court however, taking issue with the “PROLIX” (lengthy nature) of the claim, struck it with leave (permission) to file an amended claim.
Thus, contrary to the select few and consistent naysayers, the Plaintiffs were successful on the claim not being dismissed in substance but only struck in form.
The Plaintiffs, through our lawyer, Rocco Galati, intend to file an amended claim.
At the same time, the Plaintiffs will also likely appeal Judge Ross’ decision because it contains blatant errors of law with respect to what remedies can be sought of and granted by the Court, which go to the jurisdictional issues of the standing of the Plaintiffs and jurisdiction of the Court.
We should also not forget the positive outcomes we have had as a result of simply filing the Notice of Civil Claim in August of 2021… such as BC Ferries not mandating vax passes for passengers and easing off on the strict mask policies last year, and the BC Minister of Education not mandating the jab for school staff.
You won’t hear about this in the mainstream media and sadly, even from Independent media who claim to be on our side.
For some reason Canuck Law, The Western Standard and Castanet are consistently working to put the worst possible spin on the facts of A4C’s case and to disparage Rocco, Tanya Gaw and Action4Canada. It appears they are on a mission to create doubt and distrust in the public’s eye by providing twisted versions of the truth and claiming that Action4Canada lacks integrity and transparency. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Every year Action4Canada has faithfully filed its financials with the government as required.
It is also interesting that none of these “Independent” media outlets have ever reported on Action4Canada’s campaigns and tireless work in providing Canadians, at no charge, with resources that are effectively protecting their children, their jobs, their right to travel, their bodily autonomy and so much more.
Their style of reporting doesn’t serve anybody well and brings into question whose side they are really on.
I’ve always said that A4C’s legal action will be a marathon, not a sprint. Rocco and I are committed to the pursuit of justice, and are in it to win it!!
I stand on this unwavering commitment: the Action4Canada Team will continue to work tirelessly and selflessly on behalf of every Canadian in this unprecedented battle against the darkest forces of evil.
We ask in return for your continued prayers and support.
For any further updates see our Legal Updates Page.

God bless you and God bless Canada!

Tanya Gaw,

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DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended to be used as legal or health advice. We encourage you to do your own research.

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  1. Tanya Gaw. The sign of a good leader, is a leader who knows when to stop talking. You just blew that standard.
    There is no doubt in my mind that you started with good intentions but anyone who actually read your filed Statement of Claim, knew right away you and your lawyer had lost your direction by including unneeded and totally irrelevant information.

    To the best of my knowledge, Canuck Law, the Western Standard and Castanet are supportive and reliable news outlets that fairly and accurately report news items, unlike the Main Stream News media. Now, you have managed to upset and offend 3 of your supportive news organizations. However, because they are “good” news organizations, I’m sure they will support you in the future but only if you stick to true facts and quit trying to manipulate and blaming others for your own created faults.

    The fact of the matter is, it is apparent that you know absolutely nothing about the law in relation to filing, pressing, and pursuing a Civil Action in the Courts. In addition, you hired an obvious incompetent lawyer who chose to write a confusing book rather than a productive and informative State of Claim. The Judge was right in their comments with regard to the contents of your Statement of Claim.

    Now, as I understand your comments, you are actually thinking about paying your lawyer even more money to file an Appeal to the Courts. Good luck with that. I feel you should heed the Judge’s comments and if you really want to pursue your Court endeavors, then get a better lawyer and rewrite your Statement of Claim which need not be anymore than 25 to 35 pages long.

    Further, I think you personally actually believe that these various government organization changed their Covid-19 flu procedures and requirements because of your efforts and your Statement of Claim. I am afraid you have misrepresented your abilities in that regard.

    • Bruce,
      How would you get our freedoms back, along with ending the experimental injection campaign that is killing and maiming large numbers of people?

    • The truth is coming out Bruce about the “agitators” who disguise themselves as independent news and on our side.
      There is strategy in the size of the statement of claim but those without understanding cannot comprehend it. But hang in there, you will figure it all out in the future.
      Action4Canada has amazing allies and a wonderful, committed, loyal membership of Canadians who see the whole picture of what we are doing for Canadians.

      Isn’t it interesting that the three mentioned news sources have never done a report on the effective resources we have provided at no charge for Canadians to literally help save lives, jobs, get masks permanently off children, helping Canadians courageously and freely travel, removing pornographic books from schools and libraries that are being put in the hands of children, and so much more.

      I spoke with Reid from Western Standard a week and a half ago. I asked him why they weren’t bringing the great work of Action4Canada to the awareness of their readers. To help empower Canadians means that we ALL benefit…but there were crickets.

      From what I read he is not an independent reporter that does his homework because he puts a twist on the facts, pulls from other’s opinions and and has provided misinformation…and some that information will be coming out soon.

      I hope this clarifies a few things for you.

    • The plaintiffs would have been better off with Jackie Chiles as their lawyer. I’ve heard of lawyers like Mr. Galati before; they attract publicity and put on a great show, easily impressing the ignorant client, but ultimately end up hurting the client’s case.

  2. If they can control and manipulate the law and people’s right to an unbiased judgement it doesn’t matter what you say and do. Trudeau is just the puppet in the globalist gong show.

  3. China has so much influence on Canadian politics it is scary. The agenda is all the same socialism through whatever means. Masking people is control plain and simple….it is all about control. The problem is too many sheep, corrupt politicians, Canadians need to see the big picture…..when you put all the pieces together.

  4. Fake news. I don’t have an absolute solution. Getting rid of our “social justice warriors” would be a good start. However, I will point out that I did NOT capitulate to the “system” as did many others. I did NOT wear a face “muzzle” and I did NOT get the toxic experimental vaccines. As a result I have been ostracized, denigrated, and persecuted, but I haven’t given up. I continue to offer support and advice to those who are doing the same.

    I have confronted various front line medical personnel such as doctors, nurses and emergency medical response persons. I have asked them why they did NOT have the courage to “stand up” to the government imposed tyrannical impositions. Their answer was that they needed the income. I feel that if they had in fact supported the “protestors”, we wouldn’t be in the situation we face today. Unfortunately, we now have 3 generations of Canadians who have never had to learn how to learn from their mistakes. Remember, “The more things change, the more they remain the same.” Human stupidity is a classic example of that truthfulness.

    I am now 78 years of age, soon to be 79. I learned from my mistakes which included that I should never “trust” a politician, doctor, or journalist. I have learned to protect myself and those who stand with and around me. I, and they, will survive. The rest I ignore simply because they don’t want to know and are NOT prepared to actually fight to preserve their FREEDOM. So be it, that is their “choice” and I can’t deny them that.