by Brad Salzberg


September 2, 2022

It’s like something taken from a Monty Python skit, or Theatre of the Absurd. With each passing day, Canadian society becomes more angry, bitter and resentful. All of it met with a cornucopia of lame excuses and erroneous accusations.

At the heart of the social dynamic is the behaviour of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He sets the tone; it flows downhill from here. How unfortunate that media are willing– or paid– to transition responsibility away from its primary source, and toward secondary issues Trudeau claims are responsible for social calamity.

The first thing PM Trudeau wants Canadians to know is that climate change is responsible for our anger:

This week, he blamed the frustrations of Canadians on “climate change” and “transformations of our economy.”

It’s a lie, of course. Climate change is not the reason. Above all, the impetus is derived from government decision-making, whose ultimate responsibility is found in the actions of the prime minister.

Media say nothing of the sort. If the PM says the fault lies with climate, white supremacy or women-hating, media reflect his opinions. The result is a deception of the Canadian people.

“What do you think is behind the rise in threats that politicians are facing?” asks a reporter.

“Obviously the pandemic, increasing anxiety because of climate change, transformations of our economy, um, rise in mental health and addiction problems – particularly with the opioid crisis that has been ravaging communities right across the country,” replied PM Trudeau. 

The answer, quite obviously, is the unfortunate Opioid crisis. Not. The truth is, Canadians have come to despise Justin Trudeau. Not all, but enough to create a situation of social chaos unprecedented in society. It occurs when a national leader comes along whose behaviour is unprecedented. No PM has spent so much energy dividing Canadians as this Trudeau character.

Dear Prime Minister: Open letter urging government to take action on harassment and abuse of journalists in Canada signed by 48 media organizations:

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  1. Justin Trudeau is a drama teacher and all he knows is dressing up, painting his face and acting on stage, because that’s all he’s been doing is acting as a prime minister, he has no idea how to be a leader off a country and then the only way he got to be pm was by fraud, he was placed there by the devil klaus to take us and our beautiful country down.