“Klaus Schwab was the first global personality to jump on the pandemic as a vehicle for the imposition of his new world order.”

by Brad Salzberg


August 31, 2022

“What we are very proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister[Justin] Trudeau. Yesterday I was at a reception for Trudeau and I know that half of his cabinet, or even more than half, are Young Global Leaders.”

So states Klaus Schwab, CEO of the World Economic Forum. It’s all roses and sunshine for him. On the other side of the spectrum there is Canadian society. Looking around, we see that our country is being consumed by social chaos. Not in a half-century have Canadians been so angry, resentful and fragmented.

The responsibility for this is found in the behaviour of our Liberal government. Fortunately for them, they have media in their pocket to shift responsibility to working class Canadians.

“It is far from common knowledge among voters that the ideological model behind the Liberal policy machine is subversive and authoritarian.” 

As opined by Terence Corcoran in the Financial Post, Schwab and the WEF had help in setting up their Canadian infiltration mission from Trudeau’s former chief of staff, Gerald Butts, participant in the WEF’s Davos conferences and a leading backroom organizer of the Trudeau government’s ideological gambits.”

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