by Brad Salzberg


August 30, 2022

Can it be that an unspoken paradox is shaping the destiny of Canadian society? While media never speak of our nation’s future, one can bet it’s a topic bordering on obsession for our Liberal government.

What is Justin Trudeau’s goal in his shaping of society into a condition Canadians never asked for? Cultural Action Party has written extensively on the idea that Trudeau is transitioning Canada away from democracy, and toward a form of neo-communism.

Could a demographic factor be involved in Canada’s transition to neo-communist governance? Government immigration quotas suggest it is the case.

An omission of future demographic trends by Canadian media is likely spurred on by Justin Trudeau’s purchase of the press. Behind the scenes, a new study has appeared which spells out the story:

“Statistics Canada has released its projections for population growth spanning the next 47 years. The report states that by 2068, in a medium growth scenario, Canada’s population could reach up to 57 million people, largely driven by increased immigration.”

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  1. We need to eliminate all the scum from government!
    Looks like Parliament will be empty!
    Time to vett good morel people into government!!!!