by Brad Salzberg


August 24, 2022

On January 10, 2017, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau appointed Somali refugee Ahmed Hussen to the position of Minister of Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees.

While media praised the move as an example of “inclusivity,” Liberal Cabinet member Hussen went to work building relationships with Middle Eastern and African nations. As an example of a 3rd World refugee who “had made it” in the West, Hussen pitched Canada as an immigration destination for migrants from the Middle East.

While Hussen was big on importing Somalis, Syrians and Senegalese to Canada, he wasn’t too hot on deporting the ones who committed criminal acts upon Canadian soil.

Middle Eastern migrant Zakaria Amara was among three members of the so-called Toronto 18 — the other two are Asad Ansari and Saad Khalid —  who were informed by letter they were being stripped of citizenship by the former Conservative government of Stephen Harper.

PM Justin Trudeau:

“The Liberal Party believes that terrorists should get to keep their Canadian citizenship…because I do.”

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