by Brad Salzberg


August 22, 2022

According to a media outlet based in India, the Liberal government of Canada has been quietly funding the construction of isolation facilities across our country. A recent article published this month by TGI Global features the following headline:

“Slavery in 21st Century, Welcome to Trudeau’s Canada” 

“There are now eleven isolation facilities located across nine Canadian cities. The Trudeau administration has recently been under strong pressure from the public after deciding to open a new isolation facility in the Windsor-Essex area.”

Strong pressure from the public? If it has occurred, media did not spread the word to the people of Canada. Just this week, Liberal Cabinet Minister of Health, Jean-Yves Duclos, announced funding of a new isolation site in the Windsor-Essex region.

Meanwhile, TGI Global target the Trudeau government with some serious allegations:

“These isolation centers elicit only a negative response amongst the Canadians, who view them with the utmost mistrust. They have even compared these isolation facilities to the concentration camps, set up by the Nazi administration.

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  1. Of course we would have to rely on India to report on this. India is no fan of this country and Modi has a number of choice and accurate words to describe that useless eater. The initial sentence sums it up pretty well (though I am paraphrasing), “The prime minster of Canada is the poster boy of every single thing that is wrong with this world”.

    Our own “Ministry of Truth” would never report on the various concentration camps being built within our borders to haul away and kill the politically inconvenient just so some obscenity masquerading as a prime minster doesn’t have it’s feelings hurt. Why should they. This might hurt it’s feelings and would have to go bad to sucking on a pacifier again to shut it up.

    Also, I thought this was the objective of the euthanasia project. Wasn’t that doing a fast enough job? Or is it easier to run this ‘kill us all’ operation on multiple fronts.

  2. Justin Trudeau can go straight to hell, because anything as evil as that is, there’s no other place for it…… I would love to be in it’s face just one time!! It’s nothing only a murder with half a fuckin brain and Canadians have allowed something like that to run our country to the ground. I hope that the people who thought our government would do no harm, I hope you see it now, cause if ya don’t by now, you are just as bad as Justin Trudeau is.