Liberal MP for Windsor-Tecumseh Irek Kusmierczyk gets a hostile reception outside Tecumseh Town hall (Ontario) on monday Aug 22nd. He was attempting to announce the construction of a $28 million dollar local covid internment camp. People remember how Canadians were interned in seedy Toronto hotels against their will, when arriving at Toronto airport


  1. A COVID interment camp should be for EVERYONE that has contracted COVID or has had the COVID bio-weapon shot. They are the only ones susceptible and a danger to others. Those that are not sick or have not been sick with this HOAX should not be locked up.
    And how many times has JT had it? LOL!!!

  2. We don’t need Covid jail camps .. we need a new Prime Minister .. jail time for criminal Trudeau and his lying and unethical liberal party !
    Wake up Canadians!!