Trucker rebellion in Ottawa (video screenshot)

Ontario Ministry of Transportation issued order to seize all license plates

by WND News Services

August 20, 2022

(TRUCK NEWS) – The Ontario Ministry of Transportation has effectively shut down 39 trucking businesses in the wake of a crackdown on so-called Freedom Convoy protesters.

Responding to questions from, the ministry confirmed that 12 suspension and seizure orders were issued to Ontario-based large truck operators involved in the protests, suspending their operating authority throughout Canada, and issuing an order to seize all the plates registered to them.

Protesters from outside the province faced sanctions of their own. Twenty-seven seizure orders were issued to large truck operators from outside the province, banning them from operating any commercial motor vehicle in Ontario.

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  1. And what in hell do they think they will accomplish by doing that? If they can read and took the time to do so they would see the whole lock down thing was nothing but a political move by the liberals nothing more. This is a truly stupid move by what is advertised as a Conservative Government.