1. They are focussing on the Astra Zeneca shot. AZ uses the adenovirus vector method of taking over your cells to produce spike protein. There are tons of downsides, but the upside is that the artificially-infected cells get treated by the body as if it was a naturally occurring adenovirus infection and after a week or so, the infection and the artificially-produced spike protein production is over.
    THEY WANT you to NOT take Astra Zeneca or Janssen (same tech) because THEY WANT you to take Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA technology (the one where the The Turd has money in a Vancouver-based company making one of the components). The mRNA tech has shown that spike protein production can last for weeks. The mRNA is not breaking down like what we have been taught in high school text books because the mRNA tech uses an artificial nucleotide called pseudo-uracil instead of naturally occurring uracil. It is the uracil that, by design, only allows mRNA to exist for a short period of time.
    Basically, if you took AZ or Janssen (which I did to keep my job, but I took a daily regimen of Ivermectin to bind the spike protein) then you are playing Russian Roulette with a 45 cal gun but with only one bullet in the cylinder. If you took or take the mRNA vakx, Pfizer or Moderna, then is like using a .22 cal revolver but with 3 bullets in the cylinder.
    Once again, the Corrupt and Lying Babylonian Whore Media is not informing you to give you useful information. “OMG, we are winning, they are not finally telling people about how bad the jabs are!!!” They are directing people to stay away from the adenovirus vector vakx and to use the state/cabal-sponsored mRNA jabs
    This is why we must take the Israeli approach to justice. EVERY. SINGLE. politician, scientist, health care professional, university so-called expert, reporter, tv presenter etc etc has to have the status of Concentration Camp Guard and be hunted down and taken to justice no matter how long it takes and no matter how at arm’s length their involvement was. We need to borrow the attitude that the Jewish People have and consider what happened to us over the past almost three years to be an unforgivable heinous crime upon Humanity and we will make sure that every agent and enabler faces legal justice. Pitchforks and torches just makes us no better. We will put laws in the books for this with jail time being a certainty and non-negotiable.
    It will happen folks. It is already starting to happen. Green shoots here and there.

  2. Correction: “OMG, we are winning, they are not finally telling people” should be “OMG, we are winning, they are finally telling people”