by Brian Peckford


August 18, 2022

Joe Clarke , Brian Mulroney , Kim Campbell, Stephen Harper —-

What happened to them ?

I was a campaign leader in Joe Clarke’s leadership campaign, I supported Brian Mulroney in Federal Elections, and Campbell and Harper.

Where is their freedom moxie now?

They have all fled the coup———-

Remember when Mulroney as Prime Minister fought against Apartheid in South Africa? For freedom and rights for the native black population?

When Harper talked of smaller government, the individual ! Of equality for all regions of the country.

I focus on these two former conservative prime ministers because they both spent the most time leading a Federal Government . Both supporting the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Now , nowhere to be found——-

Harper makes a brief statement endorsing one of the present candidates for leader without one word about the flagrant violations of the Charter  by Governments across the land  . Of the doctors who have been maligned, the many who have been injured from delayed surgeries , some died, those injured from experimental vaccines , some even died. Peoples’ jobs and security.

And Mulroney supporting the vaccine mandate for MP’s , swallowing the Liberal/NDP falsehood that it was safe and effective in October 2021 ( CTV ) in an interview while ignoring  the study by our own Professor Douglas Allen of Simon Fraser University  in April of that year that shows after reviewing 80 studies that the cure was worse than the disease in any cost benefit analysis.

But we all know that these two ‘ leaders’ have sold out to the Globalists interests ——

One has only to look at their post PM history —-

Mulroney has been busy on all types of Corporate Boards from Archer Daniel Midland, Barrick Gold, to a  Communist Chinese Trust and Investment company, big banker J.P. Morgan Chase and Harper involved internationally in security and cyber technology in Israel and the United States. And who knows what other companies and countries?

So they are out making money and enhancing their business interests and using their considerable influence to please their international corporate clients .

Their interests now in defending Canadians rights and freedoms is secondary to their desire to make money and gain global acceptance.

They have abandoned their advocacy of  democratic principles which they so quickly adopted when looking for votes. They have let down the people.

History will not be kind.

The Honourable A. Brian Peckford


Mr. Peckford posted reader Kuro’s comment on his Peckford42 website:

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Thank you Sir.



  1. Dear Honourable Brian Peckford. It is my sincere hope that you find your way to Mr. Easton’s website and read this.

    The Conservatives as you remember them no longer exist. You did the best you could and then some, but the ones who share your affiliation with choose not to. They have demonstrated, recently including Mr. Mulroney, Mr. Harper and Mr. Poilievre that they are on the payroll of foreign entities and care nothing for future of this country, but for their pocketbooks. All we have left is the uniparty: Those comprised of Liberals, Conservatives, Bloq, NDP and Greens, all of them all support the existing agendas and prefer to nitpick over the most unimportant of details so they can pretend like their jobs actually matter while they expect us all to treat this kabuki theatre as the real deal. It’s worked for decades, after all. They contain the anger and expression of the system with elections which is an ideal ‘rinse and repeat’ syndrome that accomplishes nothing except keeping the peasants appeased. Furthermore, how many of them are WEF members? The number of them involved is quite substantial and despite claims to the contrary, proof of Mr. Poiliviere’s membership has been founded and has been circulated online, proving he is another fraud.

    What remains are those who are treated as extremists and fringe groups, like Maxine Bernier and yourself, for refusing to bow down to the agenda, who see that there is nothing but lies and is trying to fight the system in their own way. Who else remains are independent reporters and bloggers like Michael Easton who know and believe that the media are nothing but established liars who take government money to propagandize on their behalf. The lies and outrageous b.s. they attempt to present as reality make the fairy tooth seem real in comparison. And for those who remain, the smart readers, those who said no to the jabs, those who understand we are being lied to time and time again, all we can really do for now is keep the fight going, keep the truth going, tell people that TV is among greatest sources of evil on the world and the sooner they cut the cable, the healthier their minds will be in the long run.

    What is the agenda? I am sorry to say it like this, but the agenda is to kill us, plain and simple. We, the masses, are considered useless to them, thus they feel it is their right to simply liquidate the population so we become easier to control (If that does not spell mental illness to you, I have no idea what does). They don’t want to do it directly because they are scared of the consequences and optics, so they are doing it by a slower, more cowardly way. They are doing by jabs that are made to make everyone sick and eventually kill them (of which I have my own rant about which may get posted here should the article related to that ever appear). They are doing it by sabotaging what is left of our health care system so there will be no one to look after people should they develop a serious condition, among other problems. They are doing it by force feeding the population with bugs that are incompatible with our biology and will have unpredictable, but guaranteed negative consequences. They are doing it through false flags, like the Nova Scotia shooting to push agendas through and make everyone comply with them, even though everything behind it has been telegraphed as false, fake, and DEFINITELY had assistance from government to carry it through. They are doing it through inflation, to make everyone except the rich and themselves broke and destitute. They are doing it through starvation, by making it impossible for anyone to grow food and feed themselves and their communities as a whole. They are doing it through the media creating mass hysteria to up the number of suicides across the country; to say the media has blood on their hands for all the lies they pump out is no understatement and are totally deserving of every ounce of hate they are receiving. No doubt there are more ways, but I simply labeling the latest and more obvious ways. As I said, total cowards.

    They continue to obsess in supporting the ‘current thing’. Previously it was covid, but with it being proven it was all lies, they have hopped onto the Ukraine bandwagon (while that has been heading for a cliff the entire time). Never mind the ‘current thing’ had nothing to do with reality, or that the history behind the ‘current thing’ is inaccurate, omitted or outright false, or that they are trying to coax you out of what little money we have left to help prop up the ‘current thing’. If anyone disagrees with the ‘current thing’, they are taken to the cleaners, labelled with so many tags they resemble an item that stands out in a clearance dump bin, and left for dead for the crows to turn their nose at. It is disgusting the level dehumanizing that has happened. Covid turned good people into faceless pieces of trash for refusing to support the ‘current thing’, despite them still being good people; their crime was saying ‘no’ to the agenda. Watch as all the other elements of this agenda gets pushed through and watch how anyone who objects to it gets their lives destroyed, put on intelligence watchlists 24/7 (thus wasting more public resources on pointless ventures), jobs crushed, and even more just to make examples out of those who dare to ask questions to refuse the ‘current thing’. When is enough enough, huh?

    The system you know is gone. What we have left is a WEF agenda, the ultimate expression of treason whereby our entire government body no longer serves the country but takes incentives and outright bribes to do the bidding of foreigners. We have a bigger problem with this country than a mere travel issue, Mr. Peckford.

    Sincerely and with nothing but complete respect for what you are doing,
    An anonymous Kuro.