In his ruling, Justice Christopher Corkery wrote that ‘the science relating to COVID-19 is developing.’

by Rebel News

August 18, 2022

A judge has ruled a 12-year-old girl who is uninterested in taking a COVID-19 vaccine cannot be compelled to take a jab, following a decision in an Ontario family court.

“I do not want my COVID-19 vaccine,” the young girl, described as an A-student, said in an email to the court detailing her decision. The girl explained how “people who have received both shots and the booster are still getting COVID,” and that “she heard from friends that their doctors are advising that children not get vaccinated.”

More information surrounding risks/benefits of COVID-19 vaccines can be found here. The Ontario provincial government also offers additional information, which can be found here.

The court heard how the girl’s mother “is not against the COVID-19 vaccine but is not prepared to force her daughter to be vaccinated against her will,” Blacklock’s Reporter reported.

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