This video was first released in February of this year, still very timely, so we wanted to Re-Play for you.

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This is the tragic story about 1 doctor – Dr. Bonnie Henry – who controls 5 million lives in BC Canada. After 2 years, we need to ask ourselves: Are endless restrictions causing more harm than good?

I’ve never liked Dr. Bonnie Henry’s daily messages because I found them irritatingly monotone and drone like. Then a friend of mine said she was using hypnosis techniques. 👇

What my friend wrote
“In the first month or so, I listened to her daily report sporadically. I was quickly aware that she was employing hypnosis techniques, and found it difficult to tune in, because I would quickly feel confused, which is a powerful method of manipulation.”
“Definitely the tone of her voice, and the “measured”, or rhythmic manner of her speech. Contradictory statements presented as true. Repetition. Suggestion. Also, while I concur with having an ASL interpreter, the very fact of the split screen fuels trance induction.”
That’s my experience. Maybe you loved it?