Former CONservative PM Stephen Harper praises Klaus Schwab for his role in the creation of the #WorldEconomicForum “To have conceived of the need for such an institution such as this, required insight, to have establish it took commitment, but to have then nurtured it as a podium from which business & Political leaders could nudge public policy by addressing their peers from around the world. That is a formidable achievement & Professor this gathering saluts you”. @pierrepoilievre4pm

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Canadian must realize if was Prime Minister Brian Mulroney who is 1992 signed Canada to Agenda 21. In 2008, PM Stephen Harper ratified that agreement, then in 2015, two weeks before Harper left office with the election of Justin Trudeau, Harper signed Canada’s sovereignty away by signing Agenda 2030. Both former Prime Ministers committed TREASON….



  1. That’s because they are all sly criminal bastards, and they are getting away with it because Canadians are to soft and gullible these days. They are nothing more than the criminals that’s been in jail for years, but I guess when the head of police is up Justin Trudeaus ass and getting a payment on the side out of it all, you know things are going to go assholes way. Remember Canadians, it’s our money they are having all the fun with, so I can really see that after two and half years you probably just don’t give a fuck! But just hold on until they start taking a bit more and then a bit more, you’ll see someday, but way too late.