Three mind-boggling events this past week

Number 3 is virtually unknown, and it’s a massive crusher—FOR us, not against us

by Jon Rappoport

No More Fake News

August 16, 2022

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The fascist takeover of this and other countries has been accelerating—but this past week, major new cards have been pulled from the bottom of the deck and played.

I’m going to describe them and lay out the stunning implications.

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EVENT ONE: The FBI raid on Trump’s home in Florida. What’s behind it? I’ll discuss two of the major players lurking in the shadows, on the fringes, and what their presence means. No one else is covering this fully.

Are the powers-that-be just trying to derail any chance Trump has of running and winning in 2024? Or is something more going on?

EVENT TWO: With a new influx of $46 billion, the IRS is hiring 87,000 enforcement agents. The IRS’s posted job description stated: must be willing to use “deadly force.” After a backlash, the IRS scrubbed that section. What’s their real plan? And who are they trying to impress? I’ll lay out the reality.

EVENT THREE: And finally, I’ll expand my campaign on solutions, explaining how free and competitive states can overcome the concentration of federal power at the top of the food chain. As I write this…

Riley Moore, the state treasurer of West Virginia, is on FOX explaining how he is REMOVING enormous state monies from woke banks that refuse to do business with fossil fuel companies.

BANG. This is truly huge. Moore is turning the tables on Biden’s “green plan” to push the US into deep poverty.

This is exactly the kind of imaginative thinking that can spell victory for us.

There are MANY implications in Moore’s strategy. I’ll run them down for you. I can’t overstate their importance.

When you drive a dagger into the heart of banks that collude with government, you’re disrupting the very nerve center of tyranny.

Join me in this truly crucial podcast.

— Jon Rappoport

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