by Brad Salzberg


August 11, 2022

On November 14th, 1997, Canadian pop chanteuse Celine Dion released her smash album, Let’s Talk About Love. Cultural Action Party don’t want to talk about love. We are far more interested in discussing the album title’s antithesis– “Let’s Talk About Hate.”

It’s a topic which should be of interest to Canadians concerned with our Liberal Government’s brand of politics. Simply put, the degree of hatred, anger and resentment among the people of Canada has never been more acute than at present.

Why is it the case? While mainstream media eschew the topic, CAP has definite ideas, beginning with a basic concept: Justin Trudeau’s need to control society has stirred up more anger among Canadians than at any point in modern history.

June 20th, 2022 — Liberal Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino says he is now looking into giving Members of Parliament panic buttons to increase personal security.

In a recent interview, Mendicino states that “he has been subject to death threats in recent weeks.”

Speaking to Canadian Press, the public safety minister said “he and the police, as well as Parliamentary Protective Services, are reassessing the security of MPs after a series of threats and intimidating incidents.” 

In case interested parties believe death threats are limited to Liberal MP’s, let’s think again:

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