August 10, 2022

Official statistics show that hundreds of thousands more people are dying every single week all over the world than expected.

The reason?

Official Government data strongly suggests it’s all because of the Covid-19 injections. We are witnessing depopulation by Covid-19 vaccination.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) publishes weekly figures on deaths registered in England and Wales. The most recent data shows deaths up to 22nd July 2022.

The following chart, created by the ONS, shows the number of deaths per week compared to the five-year average –

As you can see from the above, from around May 2021 onwards, England and Wales recorded a huge amount of excess deaths that were not attributed to Covid-19 compared to the five-year average. It then appears that excess deaths dropped at the start of 2022.

But appearances can be deceiving, and the only reason they dropped is that the ONS decided to include the 2021 data in the 5-year-average. This makes it all the more concerning that excess deaths have been recorded every week since the end of April 2022 compared to the five-year average (2016 to 2019 + 2021).

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  1. It is extremely difficult to feel any empathy for these people that are now dying from the covid-19 vaccines. The issues involving children are a very different set of circumstances for which their parents are responsible. May God have mercy on their souls. However, if you decide to willingly partake in an experiment with an experimental vaccine, then you will probably get the expected experimental result.

    Personally, because of prior events that occurred to me throughout my life while working to assist and actually saving people’s lives, I cannot now not wear a face mask covering (muzzle) nor could I risk getting the “experimental” vaccine shot. Thank God. However, I was openly ostracized, ridiculed, and discriminated against by not only medical staff but other fellow citizens. Now, I can just sit back and count the numbers of those being subjected to their own stupidity.

    Old people just sometimes know better than to “trust” politicians, government bureaucrats, and self-serving medical doctors. There is an old adage: “The worm always turns.”