Message from Tanya Gaw of Action4Canada

August 9, 2022

Socialism is gaining ground at warp speed in Canada, especially in our school systems, turning children into “social justice” activists. Young people are being brainwashed at all levels of the public education system and as a result are embracing the socialistic ideology. Action4Canada has been on the front line of this battle working to warn Canadians, and provide them with effective resources to fight back to demolish the globalist’s agenda. Thankfully, citizens are rising up, taking action and successfully putting the A4C resources and campaigns to work. See below how you can also take action (6 minute read).

Crimes of the Educators

When: Wednesday, August 10th, 2022 4:45pm PST/7:45pm EST Register in Advance. The zoom doors open at 4:45pm PST/7:45pm EST and the Empower Hour begins at 5pm PST/8pm EST.

Join Tanya with special guest Alex Newman, founder of Liberty Sentinel, as they discuss the crisis resulting from the globalist agenda targeting children in the education system and using them as “Agents of Change.” The UN is hyper-focused on children to “accelerate fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals and to help build back better.”

In 2019, Alex and a coalition of high-profile Christian leaders formed “Public School Exit,” the nation’s premier ministry working to rescue American children from the horrors of government “education.” The organization exists to facilitate a massive exodus from public schools by raising awareness and knocking down barriers for parents, pastors, and children. Read more and share the Empower Hour invite HERE.


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