Dr. Vernon Coleman File Photo


August 8, 2022

If we lose this war, and for the first time I now fear that we might, it will not be because of the lies and the deceits from the billionaire conspirators who control governments, the media and the professions.

It will not be because of the censorship and demonization of the truth-tellers.

If we lose this war, the most important in our history, it will be because of the collaborators, the trolls and the virtue signallers who obey without thinking, who fuss and whine over trivia and irrelevances, and who fail to understand that we are fighting for our lives and our freedom.

By Dr Vernon Coleman

And if we do lose this war there will never be another war worth fighting. We will be pawns; without any control over our lives or our destiny. Sir Klaus Schwab (knighted by Queen Elizabeth for services to conspiracy) boasted that his Great Reset would ensure that we will `own nothing but be happy’. I fear the collaborators, the trolls and the virtue signallers don’t believe him.

I wonder how many of the so-called journalists working for the BBC realise that the lies they are spreading are helping to lead them to a world where they too will own nothing. Doctors, journalists, judges, lawyers and politicians who support the conspiracy, will not be exempt from the conspirators’ blood-thirsty ambition to reduce the world population by 90%. None of them will be exempt from the billionaires’ plan to own everything and rule us as slaves.

If and when the Great Reset takes place we will have no rights, no belongings, no privacy, no freedom, no choices, no family, no health care, no education, no freedom of movement and no opportunity to live where we want to live. We won’t even control our own bodies.

If you think that’s an exaggeration look at the new laws being passed and look at the way everything is changing.

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