The farmers are not happy about it.

by Peter Imanuelsen

August 7, 2022

If you have followed my reporting you probably know about the protests happening in the Netherlands. Tens of thousands of farmers have taken to the streets to protest against new climate goals which will force farmers to shut down their farms.

They have set hay bales on fire on motorways and dumped manure and even blocked supermarket distribution centers.

Around 1/5 of farms will be forced to shut down!

According to calculations done by the Finance ministry, a whopping 11 200 livestock farmers will be forced to shut down by the government to reduce nitrogen emissions in order to meet European environmental rules. Another 17 600 farmers would need to reduce the amount of animals they keep to meet these climate goals.

And this is bad. Because there are about 54 000 farms in the Netherlands, meaning that around 1/5 of all farms will be forced to shut down and almost 1/3 of farms forced to scale down and reduce livestock.

Meaning that thousands and thousands of farmers will be loosing their livelihoods in order to meet government climate goals.





  1. My Suggestion – Throw all these evil elites into a paddock with a few thousand wild bulls and see how they run for the fence – my guess they won’t make it.

  2. 1. The headline should be corrected: To meet “the WEF” goals of depopulation and servitude.
    2. If there was ever to be needed evidence that the government has become the enemy of the people, well, this is clearly it.
    3. Prime Minister Turdeau will impose this on us. As much as the premiers of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba huff and puff, they are too cowardly to actually defend and act in the interests of the people that elected them.
    4. The farmers can fix this over a two week time period. There is sufficient food in the stores for about a week. Then the shelves get empty, really empty. All the farmers need to do is to stop delivering their goods.