by Brad Salzberg


August 5, 2022

Teaching LGTBQ Students: Six steps to creating an inclusive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two spirit and queer learners.”

“Supporting Your Gender Diverse Ch*ld: A Guide to Support Parents, Guardians, Trans, Intersex, Two Spirit, Gender Diverse Youth in the Ontario Education System Report.”

Examples of transgender ideology indoctrination in Canadian public schools are not hard to find. From Cape Breton to Vancouver Island, our public school system promotes a form of ideological warfare against the Canadian family.

The most virulent example is found in the area of transgenderism. Funded by our Liberal government, free from media scrutiny, transgenderism in Canada has transitioned to a full-blown industry.

The fact that this continues to fester without intervention from parents and other common-sense Canadians points to the holy ground this movement walks upon.

How incredible it is to discover the lack of push-back. The degree to which media critique the sexual transition industry is next-to-nothing. Though proven to result in serious health risks, Canada’s healthcare industry refuse to offer a single caveat.

“The use of hormones has risks. Testosterone can damage the liver, especially if taken in high doses or by mouth. Estrogen can increase blood pressure, blood glucose (sugar), and blood clotting.”

Why do government, media and healthcare turn a blind eye to the downside of this post-modern phenomenon? How is it that a practice involving augmentation of human anatomy among youth remains sacrosanct within Canada’s controlling institutions?

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