by Brad Salzberg


August 4, 2022

“The Trudeau government has claimed to follow the science on Covid, but that science is strangely different than it is everywhere else.”

“Policies are based on spite, divisiveness, and pure politics. Covid now serves as an excuse to punish the government’s ideological enemies.”

A simple experiment for history buffs: omit the words “Trudeau” and “Covid.” Now, compare the situation to fascist governments of history. Is punishing “ideological enemies” not a standard of totalitarian societies? Does the same dynamic now exist in Canada under Justin Trudeau?

In 1966, Mao Tse Tung announced that China’s Cultural Revolution would “thoroughly expose the reactionary bourgeois stand of those who oppose the party.”

Is King Justin not behaving in sympatico? The targets may vary, but the principle remains. Those who ideologically oppose government policy are targeted by the ruling class. The common enemy as targeted by Trudeau is Canada’s working class– truckers, oil industry workers, gun owners, farmers. Basically, those who fall into the category of “Old Stock” Canadians.

“Children of landowners[in China] were thrown into trash cans. Families who lived in large houses were squeezed into single rooms as their possessions were smashed by the Red Guards. Many[homeowners] handed over their deeds to government in effort to avert further persecution.”

See Chairman Mao attack private home ownership. Back in Canada, a recent report tells us that nine million Canadians have given up on home ownership. Another coincidence, is it?

“Recently released court documents which capture the decision-making behind the travel mandate indicate that, far from following the science, the Prime Minister and Cabinet were focused on politics.”

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  1. I would make one change to this article: Trudeau is an empty-headed sock puppet thing that is incapable of saying anything or making any kind of ‘decisions’ without a teleprompter telling ‘it’ what to do. These dictates are all coming from ‘it’s’ handlers: WEF, NGOs, Freeland and Singh, it doesn’t matter. Those has to be dealt with as much as this sock puppet does.

    I would rather take my chance with a circus clown or a true sock puppet (at least we know who’s hand up his *whistles*) than what pretends to be the prime minster, right now. This so-called cabinet cannot even be trusted with a hotdog stand, let alone running a country. I don’t think we (collectively) have ever seen such incompetence and waste like we are right now.

    Disclaimer: I humbly apologize to all sock puppets out there for comparing you to that Trudeau thing. It is most certainly an offensive thing to be compared to in such a way. At least sock puppets are able to provide positive entertainment to those around.