Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Abdullah II, King of Jordan walk down the Hall of Honor in Ottawa, Ontario on August 29, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / Lars Hagberg (Photo credit should read LARS HAGBERG/AFP via Getty Images)

by Brad Salzberg


August 3, 2022

An article published this week by National Post focuses on gifts sent to PM Justin Trudeau from foreign dignitaries:

“Jordan’s King Abdullah II has been the most generous of foreign officials, presenting ten gifts to Trudeau ranging from a handmade leather saddle to sculptural plant vessels to jars of honey.” 

What a sweet deal. Over the past 10 years Justin Trudeau has authorized a shipment of $800 million in foreign aid to the Kingdom of Jordan. After which the Pandora Papers revealed that the King of Jordan is funneling large parts of that Canadian aid into a worldwide portfolio of luxury real estate.

Who knew that Justin Trudeau and King Abdullah II are involved in such an intimate relationship? What a convenient pact it is. Our prime minister takes $800 million out of the pockets of Canadian tax-payers and hands it to the Jordanian King. His kingship then takes the funds and invests it the world’s finest luxury real estate.

In appreciation, his “Holy of Holies” showers Trudeau with lavish gifts. All of it going on without the slightest fuss from Canadian media. What kind of a country are we living in, anyway?

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  1. Well, we now know one of the possible destinations this chicken fill-in-the-blank may flee to when the population has had enough of it’s genocide campaign against us. Though I imagine this, like all other scandals, will just slide right into famous ‘memory hole’ courtesy of our ‘ministry of truth’.

    Disclaimer: I humbly apologize to all chickens for the above statement. That was extremely offensive towards your proud species when being used as a comparison point with the biggest obscenity I have ever had the misfortune of observing in my 30+ years of existence.