by Brad Salzberg


August 1, 2022

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spent more time spent in the air in July, 2022 than he did during the entire summer of 2021.

“Data collected from online flight tracker websites show Justin Trudeau spent all but 11 days of July aboard Canforce One, flying a total of 26,238 km across 20 flights, all within Canada,” said the National Post.

Can it be? At the same time our PM preaches the evils of climate change via carbon emissions, he is Canada’s biggest individual carbon polluter?

It’s enough hypocrisy to bring down a federal government. It won’t– for a very good reason. Justin Trudeau functions in the same capacity as a communist dictator. “Do as I say, not as I do.” With media working the will of government, the PM emerges unscathed.

It’s become a standard in Canadian society. What should be perceived as the most glaring act of hypocrisy in his near seven-year term as national leader is little more than a blip on Canada’s flight map to authoritarian governance.

“As a climate leader, Canada has put in place measures to reduce pollution to work toward meeting our Paris commitments, and achieving a net-zero economy by 2050. As the world shifts to a cleaner and greener economy, Canada will continue to take a leadership role in the fight against climate change.”

But not Justin Trudeau. His trip to visit the Aga Khan in 2016 consumed 9,100 litres of jet fuel, according to the Department of National Defence. That’s seven times as much CO2 as the International Civil Aviation Organization’s emissions calculator shows six economy tickets on a flight from Ottawa to Nassau connecting in Toronto would burn.

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  1. well, isn’t that communism?, one set of rules for him and another for us, unfortunately for him Canadian’s are not the ones committing treason.