Published July 26, 2022





  1. *sigh* Sometimes it’s a pain in the butt to try and watch certain videos while trying to keep your setup and connections proxied and locked down, but I did manage to watch it.

    There is nothing there that I didn’t already know, being someone who knows that state-controlled media lies, omits and obfuscates everything when pushing a ‘kill us all’ agenda and is forced to look elsewhere for information, but it’s always refreshing to see someone else saying what I say. I don’t agree with his assessment on what age is safer to take it (I think it’s dangerous for all people of all ages, not some theoretical age threshold) and I wish he would have gone into better detail of some of the other issues this causes (like immunosuppression, cancer, etc.) but what is more important is he is getting out the most important message of all; that this is not as advertised and carries a huge list of problems. He’s likely required to administer them (usual threat, fear, etc. from kickback-taking governments), and you will note he doesn’t talk about them as vaccines from a first-person perspective (leading me to think he doesn’t believe they are) but by talking to people about it first, I have no doubt this man is doing what others are failing to do: Saving lives.