(Federal Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre holds a campaign rally in Toronto. Chris Young/The Canadian Press).


Ed Note: (Stephen Harper, who two weeks before he left office after losing to Justin Trudeau in the 2015 election signed Canada away by joining Agenda 2030. Former PM Brian Mulroney was the first to give away Canada’s sovereignty by signing us up with Agenda 21 in 1992…. Both conservatives. Harper is a member of WEF, no wonder he has endorsed his WEF brother, Pierre Poilievre for new leader of the CPC and Prime Minister)

One of the world’s leading populism experts says Pierre Poilievre isn’t quite a populist

by Stuart Thomson


July 29, 2022

The Conservative Party’s leadership race has been conventionally seen as a battle between the moderate establishment candidate Jean Charest and the rowdy populist Pierre Poilievre.

But one academic who studies populism and its cultural causes says Poilievre’s campaign has been fairly traditional, especially when compared to the global populist movement that has swept the Western world in the last decade.

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