by Brad Salzberg


July 29, 2022

Everywhere I go, I get slandered, libeled, I hear words I never heard in the bible.”

Little did 1960’s pop-harmony outfit Simon & Garfunkel know they would be describing the fate of a Canadian prime minister fifty years after the song’s recording.

You can’t take him anywhere in public. From British Columbia to Prince Edward Island, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is ubiquitously disliked. Naturally, it has nothing to do with his popularity as a political candidate. Trudeau won three elections in a row, and could likely win a fourth if he chooses to bless the ballot box with presence next time out.

It’s a curiosity that’s unprecedented in Canadian history. Then again, what isn’t within the world of post-modern politics?

“A P.E.I. pub has pulled photos of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from its social media accounts after getting a barrage of hate-filled comments and phone calls. Trudeau had lunch at Lone Oak’s Charlottetown pub during a brief stop on the Island.”

Justin Trudeau is one heck of a polarizing figure. Unanimously hated by “grass roots” Canadians, our PM has proven himself to be wholly selective in community support. The PM only concerns himself with  the so-called “oppressed” of our country. His zeal is such that one would believe his goal is one of social inversion.

The idea is not complex: Trudeau is tasked with promoting racialized, homosexual and 3rd World citizens until they dominate Canada’s power structure. Sikhism and Islam are to supercede Christianity as Canada’s dominant religions. In response to the ravages of colonialism, Anglophone-European citizens are to be relegated to unspoken-of second class status. Branded racists and bigots, Old Stock Canadians are corralled into doghouse of society.

In terms of political science, this endeavour qualifies as a “social revolution.” With Canadian media under control of government, these pursuits are referred to as “social equality.”

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  1. You wanna pose with the pedo, be prepared for the consequences. If you really wanted to strike points with the general population, you should have threatened to call the cops for trespassing, claiming you don’t serve pedo criminals in suits and ties. Of course, by doing so, you would have been out of business inside a week and found yourself bogged down with bogus charges because that thing that pretends to be a prime minister is such a vindictive 5-year-old with a flailing temper tantrum, like someone stole it’s lollipop. None of the charges would stand up in court and they would set you up for the greatest counter lawsuit in Canadian history, plus you would have the backing of the general population for having a good set of principles and ethics.

    But, none of this happened. You chose to pose with the pedo. Enjoy!