Photo: Dr. Candace Nayman


by Dr. James E. Olsson

July 29, 2022

5th Canadian Doctor Dead After Competing in Triathalon… 5th GTA (Greater Toronto Area) Physician to die in the past 2 weeks… Dr. Candace Nayman, 27, a resident at McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton, “collapsed” while swimming in a triathlon…


from Toronto Sun

The fifth GTA doctor to die in July “radiated positivity” and “lived a vibrant and active life.”






  1. And, right on cue, as if it’s part of bad laugh track on a comedy show following a joke that was not funny, they all come out and say, “IT’S NOT THE JAB! IT’S NOT THE JAB!” Of course, the obvious part of all this is they ALL had the jab and were up-to-date in getting killed off as quickly as possible. You kick out anyone refusing to bow down to your jabdates (good people made of strong stuff), so all you have left are mentally and morally compromised individuals (and I say that word loosely, given they are behaving more and more like borg drones these days, must have something to do with how all the clotting and poor functioning of the blood starves and damages the brain) and then you have the nerve to wonder why ERs are shutting down left, right and in-between? Well, hello, your hospital executives, who have zero obvious understanding of public health, CREATED this mess.

    One piece of good news across the border: A 10M lawsuit brought against hospitals in Chicago was won and they also won a legal condition that the hospitals are required to re-hire anyone who was canned over protecting their bodily autonomy. Unfortunately I have a couple concerns: What’s to stop this from happening again in the near-future? Would you want to work in an environment that is a heavily contaminated super-spreader zone where everyone is exhaling, sneezing, etc. these toxic spike proteins? Would you want in work in such conditions where you were looked down upon the whole time for defending yourself, knowing you will be subject to levels of abuse you saw when you were canned or possibly worse? I think it would be more logical to take the lawsuit winnings and build a hospital dedicated to those who have never taken a jab in their lives, staff included. Between health workers and the unjabbed population at large, I would imagine the demand for such a facility would be sufficient. Granted, this is segregation, but this is a taste of the segregation we have been suffering for 2 years now and are still holding firm (which tells you who the strong people truly are, not what the n1n3t33n eighty four propaganda tells us).

  2. Thanks for your energy and update… the Republicans and people of the US are going to blow them out at the mid term elections, then bring these criminals to justice. Trudeau will fall later.
    The people have had enough of this nonsense…