by Brad Salzberg


July 21, 2022

As most adults recognize, human relationships can take on many forms. A similar principle can be applied to relations between government and its citizens. Some are healthy and productive, while others are steeped in toxicity.

In an authentic democracy, government are mandated to maximize benefits to the general public. Their purpose is one of management– to optimize well being in key categories– socially, economically, culturally. Stability is based on relative affinity between government and the people.

Authoritarian states are founded on different principles. The goal of government is one of social conformity. To control not only behaviour, but human thought, is an ideal within totalitarian societies.

Is this the current state of Canadian society? Is PM Justin Trudeau’s objective one of social harmony, or social chaos? CAP believe it to be the latter– for specific purposes. It is far more difficult to control a society when the population exists as a unified entity.

Is this the root of Liberal government motivation? Is their primary goal one of control, as opposed to management? If Canadians were to put aside media presentation, the majority would likely recognize that the common thread in government decision-making is the fine art of public control.

No finer microcosm for governments desire for control can be found than in the case of Trucker Convoy organizer, Tamara Lich. Her treatment is a giant disgrace. Rather than rattle off examples of mistreatment, CAP present a legal comparison.

In early 2022, a migrant named Saad Gaya was deemed “presently of good character” by the Law Society Tribunal, a necessary step toward becoming a licensed lawyer in Canada.

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