PM Justin Trudeau arrives in Kelowna Monday Morning – (Photo: Ron Seymour)


by Keean Bexte


July 20, 2022

Trudeau is threatening reporters for asking him questions

Justin Trudeau has once again outdone himself, this time by holding a photo op in Kelowna where reporters were, and I kid you not, threatened with police action for shouting questions at him.

It is no surprise that Trudeau has to set up these types of events where no one is there to question his policies. He goes in, takes a picture, and then immediately returns to his private jet with no accountability whatsoever. This is the kind of thing dictators do.

How can Canadians trust any outlet that sent reporters to this event, knowing that all they would be is government stenographers?
Keep fighting for what is right,

Keean Bexte
Editor In Chief

P.S. While mainstream reporters act like sheep, we ask real questions. Help us get our reporters to where they need to be.