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  1. THIS INFO HERE WAS ORIGINALLY FROM 2018 (a column by a Denver Colorado University Professor gives me the info). IT’S GOING TO BE MORE DIFFICULT NOW THAT IT’S 2022

    There are less than 11,000 days until Jan. 2050. This is the year that anthropogenic climate changers claim the world must be carbon neutral. Let’s examine some things that they will not tell you and/or refuse to accept as reality.

    In 2018 the global consumption of fossil fuels energy was 11,865million metric tons or oil equivalent energy. BTW do you think it will stay at this or not go up higher as years pass by?

    In order to be carbon neutral by Jan. 2050 the following are the range of non-fossil fuel alternatives needed to be implemented.

    One 1.5 gigawatt nuclear power plant must be built each day between now and 2050. Does anyone see that as plausible?

    No nuclear power generation? OK let’s look at solar. It takes 3 million solar panels under optimum solar conditions to generate 1 gigawatt of electricity. We will have to manufacture and install 3 million solar panel each day (that is about 11,000 days) between now and 2050. Does anyone see that as plausible?

    BTW. The amount of land needed to be cleared to build solar farms is massive. All wildlife and all natural vegetation must be cleared to build these large solar farms.

    Wind generation? It will take the manufacturing and installation of 430 commercial wind turbines each day x 11,000 days between now and 2050. Typically a commercial wind turbine uses about 700 tons of concrete as a base to securely erect it. Each 150 ft. blade needs 60,000 lbs. of epoxy and 60,000 lbs. of fibreglass, Does anyone see this as plausible?

    The figures above will need to essentially be doubled though as we will have to mine materials (lots of rare earth) and manufacture huge battery back ups for night and adverse weather needs thus doubling the above number for half will be needed for day time power generation and the other half to recharge these batteries after each night. Does anyone see this at all possible?

    CO2 has never been shown to be raising global temps anyways. No facts will support this. It’s all conjecture and hypothesis. The warmest decade on Earth over the last 100 years was the 1930’s and CO2 levels were below 300ppm, not the 400ppm they are today.

    All these fear mongering over anthropogenic climate change is a rouse for the new global aristocracy and socialism dumped on the rest of us plebs. DON’T BELIEVE ANY OF IT!!

    The God created and given to us environment is a negative feedback loop constantly self correcting as it has been for near 5 billion years.