by Brad Salzberg


July 19, 2022

A Canadian casket manufacturer has sounded an alarm over what he says is a significantly higher than usual amount of child coffin sales between 2020-2022.

On a recent episode of the Stew Peters show, a Toronto-area casket salesman going by the name of Mick states that child-size coffin sales have “gone through the roof–smaller-size orders have never been so popular.”

“All casket sales are up dramatically in the last two years, call it what you will, magic or the vaccine, but something has happened that is causing unprecedented amount of deaths.”

Call it what you will, indeed. It doesn’t take Nostradamus to tell us what Canadian media would call this development– at least for anyone associating it with pandemics and such.

“File under conspiracy theory” shall be the Liberal government directive to mainstream media. Even better yet, “don’t file at all.”

This way, 99% of Canadians won’t gain awareness of this alarming social trend. Even if they do, media will label all dissenting thought as misguided. “These right-wing people are all racists”— regardless of whether the issue has anything to do with race.

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